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Best Crystals for Leo Zodiac Sign


Leos are bouncy, bold, and bombastic people who can light up a room, add energy and passion into any project they’re delivering, and ~spice things up~ anywhere, anytime. A Leo is just a human catalyst for good vibes!

Leos are dramatic, that’s for sure. They like to be at the center of things, attracting a whole lot of attention by any means necessary. You can always find them in the middle of whatever action is going down. That said, they’re also incredibly protective and caring people who can’t bear any kind of bullying or alienation. They will stick up for anyone they perceive to be on the wrong end of bad behavior. A Leo friend always has your back!

These fire signs love being in control. They’re natural leaders, thanks to their regal and authoritative ~aura~, not to mention their supreme self-confidence and faith in their abilities. So just let them lead, and all will be well. The trouble comes when they don’t get what they want, or when they’re stuck in a position with no power. Leos are do-ers, not done-to.

Thanks to their ruler, the Sun, Leos are known for their strength, energy, and confidence. However, they can be jealous, overly dramatic, and sometimes flaky (much like a sleepy lion).

These crystals will help Leos find the emotional balance, psychic protection, peace, and comfort they need to help make life run right. Light it up, Leo!

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