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Best Crystals For Geminis: Shop Moonstone, Howlite & More


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Congratulations, it’s Gemini season! Geminis are chatty little birds, the kind of people who can never make up their minds—not only because they’re indecisive, but because they really just want to do it all! From May 20 to June 21 in particular, Geminis stay thriving, so let’s talk about the best crystals for Geminis that you can gift your Gem friends (or yourself!).

In need of near-constant stimulation, our little Gems can’t exist in the unknown—they’re endlessly curious and communicative, so they’re the best people to spill the tea in the astrological chart. Honestly, they’re great until they’ve convinced you to drive in the middle of the night to Cedar Point because they have to see the Millenium Force in person! They’ve also got a tendency to ask you the same question multiple times because they know they’re not getting the truth out of you. Give in or they’ll never stop!

Geminis get a bad rap in the astrological world for being “the twins” —Lizzo has an entire lyric slandering Geminis—and some people with Gemini placements can be a bit two-faced. The same level of Gem curiosity that asks you to emotionally unleash can sometimes come with a cold-foam layer of judgment right on the top, so tread lightly before baring your soul. 

Gemini season is still a time to be fun, flirty and thriving—all air and twinkle, Gem season is the first air sign season of the zodiac year, and after the year we’ve all had, it’s likely to spark the perfect start to our Shot Girl Summer. Conversations should come light and easy, given that Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and connection. Don’t be shocked if you go on a date and wind up shutting down the restaurant! That said, also don’t expect to be making decisions with ease.

Looking to handle Gem season in stride? With a few crystals, you can totally manage Gemini season by amplifying or muting its good and bad traits, respectively. We did the research on the best crystals for Geminis and where to get them below—just be sure to cleanse your crystals under the next full moon so they can help you in the best way they possibly can.


Moonstone is the June birthstone, so of course, it’s great for Geminis. Moonstone promotes creative thinking and an introspective subconscious. For the intense back-and-forth emotions of Gemini, moonstone encourages a more balanced emotional relationship with one’s self.

This crystal can placate the anxiety that comes along with being a Gemini while encouraging creativity and boosting your intuitiveness. Can’t sleep? A moonstone will help you have peaceful, restful nights in no time.


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of RocksWithSass/Etsy.

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Pocket Stone

Some people feel best connected to their crystals when carrying handy pocket stones like these, so they can keep them in their pockets, purse, or hands for meditation purposes. 


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of SilverEnchantments/Etsy.

Moonstone Pendant Necklace

This necklace will give you all the energy of the moonstone, but you can show it off to everyone you know. If you’re a creative person, wear a pendant when working on your art for a little boost of creativity. 


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of Ringcrush/Etsy.

Rainbow Raw Moonstone Ring

This gorgeous ring will not only help you embrace all the properties of moonstone, but it also has these stunning blue “flashes” of color when looking at the gemstone from different angles. 


While Moonstone is the birthstone for June, Emerald is the birthstone for May. Emerald is ruled by Mercury, just like Gemini, meaning it’s extremely beneficial to May Geminis in particular. Emerald encourages good health, abundance, communication, luck and prosperity, so it’s a hell yes from us!

Single Geminis should wear an emerald, whether the crystal itself or just the shade of green, on dates—it’s known as the “stone of successful love” for a reason. While you’re at it, keep one in your wallet or on your desk to attract prosperity and success.

STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of PeachandPixie/Etsy.

Tumbled Emerald Gemstones

Not only is Peach & Pixie a Black-owned crystal shop, but they try to ethically source all of their products, including these stunning emerald gemstones. 


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of OROFELIZ/Etsy.

14K Solid Gold Emerald Earrings

Looking to always hear sweet nothings? These emerald earrings will help invite a sweet-talking lover into your life.


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of DaintyJools/Etsy.

Dainty Emerald Necklace

You never knew you needed a simple emerald necklace until you saw this one. Let it be both a pop of green for your accessory collection and a reminder of the prosperity and success you deserve.


Whew, Geminis, you need agate in your life. Like, ASAP. Agate is a calming, relaxing crystal, great for Geminis whose brains are running a mile a minute and whose mouths move even faster. It works to keep you focused and calm your mind.

Because it has a lower vibration than other crystals, it’ll clear out bad vibes and thrust open the throat chakra to encourage honest and open communication. It also comes in different colors, which all have different energies. The bottom line, though, is that all agate is good for Gemini. Trust.

STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of PeachandPixie/Etsy.

Oco Agate Geode Keychain

Putting a crystal on a keychain might feel stange, but these are beautiful and can help in a pinch if you just need a quick meditative moment. 


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of PeachandPixie/Etsy.

Tumbled Blue Lace Agate

Let’s be real, this blue agate is so pretty—even if you don’t believe in crystal energy, you can appreciate a pretty rock. Consider the calming benefits a bonus!


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of HartleysCrystals/Etsy.

Flower Agate Crystal Sphere

Big, polished spheres like these aren’t just put in that shape for no reason—the sphere is meant to resemble Earth, allowing the crystal’s energy to radiate in multiple directions at the same time. 


Howlite will absorb negative energy, allowing Geminis to open their minds. For restless Geminis, Howlite can help you relax and achieve mental clarity. On the other hand, for Geminis who are often accused of being two-faced, it can help them be true to themselves. Save the flip-flopping for Old Navy!

Think of howlite as an emotional support crystal, so you don’t have to bug your friends anymore.

STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of PeachandPixie/Etsy.

Tumbled Blue Howlite

Palm stones are great for soothing anxiety and mental anguish, and they’re designed to fit perfectly in your palm. Keep one of these little tumbled blue howlites on hand to help your brain settle in times of need.


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of PeachandPixie/Etsy.

Tumbled White Howlite

These howlite stones are perfect for gifts—give one to a friend to encourage harmony and peace in your relationship. 


STYLECASTER | Crystals For Gemini

Courtesy of GemsWarehouse/Etsy.

Angel Howlite Crystal Tower

If you like your crystals to serve an aesthetic purpose but still want the energy benefits, consider a tower like this one to bring you calming energy without you having to constantly hold it in your hand. 

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