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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex Proves Their Love Is True Starting November 7, 2021


As of November 7, 2021, we will come to experience the influence of the Asteroid called Juno, in the constellation of Sagittarius. Juno in Sagittarius is an absolutely relationship-based transit that will bring forth everything we know about the people we’ve been involved with within the past, as well as in the present.

These are the days when we will be remembering past lovers and important exes. Juno in Sagittarius will make us aware of why we were together, even if we are no longer with that person.

We may hear from an old love or we may feel the need to reach out to them, ourselves.

Because of Sagittarius’ ability to help us see the bigger picture, we might not believe a relationship from the past is really over; loose ends beg to be connected, and this may lead to an ex, reaching out and the concept of a possible reunion.

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This isn’t about a reunion, however, it’s about people starting to ask each other what could be good, should there be a reunion.

You might hear from an ex who wishes to prove their love is true, during this transit. And, their love might very well be as true as true can be. What we do with this info will be up to us.

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