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3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Lost In Love Starting November 7, 2021


There’s an interesting aspect to Moon Square Neptune, and that is that this transit has a feminine quality to it. It speaks to our feminine nature, which rules our intuition, our sense of strength, our desire to love and nurture.

The idea of getting lost in love during Moon Square Neptune is a fairly easy concept to understand because this transit allows us to fantasize about beauty and promise. It helps us dream.

This transit also has the uncanny ability to reflect back to us what we believe we are but in a positive way. This means that in our love fantasy — we are beautiful and free.

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There is no self-hate or crazed delusional projection — we believe in this love, and due to the magical influence of Moon Square Neptune, we see nothing but goodness ahead.

And so, some of us will be lost in love, starting on November 7, when all will seem possible and nothing can get us down. Feelings of confidence and self-love will be present. Soak in these moments, as we don’t always get to feel this way. Yes, life can be beautiful when we lose ourselves in love.

Zodiac Signs Who Get Lost In Love During Moon Square Neptune Starting November 7, 2021:

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You know yourself to be highly vulnerable, and that is why you act defensively — especially when it comes to love. You anticipate rejection and in doing so, you remove yourself from the pain you predict.

During Moon Square Neptune you will become so smitten with another individual that you won’t even know what those original defense mechanisms were about — you are willing to fall, deeply, madly into the wide-open pit of love, where you will free-fall as if bouncing on clouds.

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