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The Last Man — Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The Y: The Last Man show retains a wide cast of characters from its source material who all react differently to the Earth-shattering event that kills (almost) every mammal with a Y chromosome, despite having many differences as a TV adaptation of a comic book. The joy in watching the show (or reading the comic) comes from seeing how these disparate characters navigate a changed, desolate world.

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The most prominent characters can be sorted using the zodiac chart, meaning both that the narrative is well-balanced in terms of its cast, and it would be easier for the viewer to find a character they can relate to based on their own sign.

Aries – Dr. Allison Mann

Y The Last Man Dr. Allison Mann Diana Bang

Aries signs are notorious for their adherence to independence and their reluctance to relinquish control to anyone about anything. They also tend to speak their minds and don’t have much of a filter. These traits fit Allison like a glove.

All of this is exhibited in Allison’s introduction to the show. In episode 5, “Mann Hunt,” when she abruptly says no to 355 and Yorick about accompanying them, despite it potentially being the only chance to restore the safety of humanity. She eventually agrees to go with them but maintains her strong opinions and independence.

Taurus – Kimberly Campbell

Kimberly Campbell Cunningham speaking at an event in Y: The Last Man

Kimberly is the perfect candidate for the Taurus sign. Typically, they enjoy mundane comforts and don’t like big changes. They are also loyal to the people they like and expect the same in return. Kimberly exhibits all of this before and after she lost her family in the catastrophic catalyst to the show.

After having only sons with her husband, Kimberly defines herself by her relationship with the boys and men in her life. It’s clear she relished her familial comforts before the incident and misses nothing more after. She also shows her loyalty to the technical-president Regina Oliver in episode 3, “Neil,” despite Jennifer Brown already taking the charge.

Gemini – Yorick Brown

Yorick looking concerned in Y: The Last Man

Geminis pride themselves on their many relationships and being generally sociable. They usually have no problem talking to anyone. This matches Yorick’s own social skills. Throughout the show, he always has something to say and is constantly taking off his gas mask, used to hide his identity as the last cis man alive, to interact with others even when it endangers his life.

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Coupled with this heightened social sense, Gemini signs can also be extremely curious. A perfect example of Yorick exhibiting both traits at once happens in episode 6, “Weird Al Is Dead.” Yorick wanders into a vigil without his mask because he hears a choir is singing a Radiohead cover, but this helps people track him down later.

Cancer – Hero Brown

Hero in the back of an ambulance in Y: The Last Man

Cancers can have a difficult time opening up to most people right away, so they tend to have fewer personal relationships, but they are always meaningful. Hero herself has a hard time connecting to other people, more than most others in the Y: The Last Man cast, except for her best friend Sam and later, the women in Roxanne’s supermarket commune.

Boundaries are also important to Cancer signs. They don’t necessarily have many, but the few they do have are held strongly. Hero’s biggest boundary is maintaing distance between her and her mother because of their strained relationship. She holds onto this so tightly as to even sabotage a newfound mode of transport for her and Sam in episode 4, “Karen and Benji.”

Leo – Roxanne

Y The Last Man Roxanne the Amazon leader

Leos often relish in both loyalty and attention, which makes them naturally suited for leadership roles. They believe in themselves, which can become arrogance, but it often aids in their leaderly duties. There is no character who better fits the Leo sign than Roxanne. She is a fierce leader who maintains her loyalty to her comrades while keeping others out.

She shows her strict senses of loyalty and leadership in episode 6, “Weird Al is Dead.” A group of women approaches the commune to ask for food and help, but she threatens and tells them to leave despite their abundance of goods.

Virgo – Agent 355

355 talking to a military officer in Y: The Last Man

The typical Virgo is grounded and practically-minded. They can have exceptional awareness and ideas come quickly to them, so they easily escape tricky situations. Being a secret agent, these traits all suit 355’s line of work. She is among the most rational characters in the show and uses these Virgo qualities to keep Yorick safe, despite his meandering.

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355 displays these traits in episode 4, “Karen and Benji,” when she has to rescue Yorick from violent attackers who unmask him after he wanders off by himself.

Libra – Jennifer Brown

Y The Last Man Diane Lane Jennifer Brown

As the representative Libra and incidental emergency president, Jennifer is charming and affable. She utilizes those qualities as the leader of the country when needed. Libras also prefer to see all sides of issues, which is useful for Jennifer when figuring out how to serve the people of a newly desolate world.

She demonstrates all of this in episode 9, “Peppers,” when she reaffirms her position as leader as dangerous insurgents infiltrate the pentagon. Regina Oliver should technically hold that position but proves to be less capable, so Jennifer takes the risk from negotiation.

Scorpio – Regina Oliver

Regina Oliver in the situation room in Y: The Last Man

Regina, like many Scorpios, is mysterious and cunning. It’s hard for the other characters to know what she’s thinking by design. She is technically the next in line for the presidency after the event but starts scheming a way to take power despite Jennifer already dealing with everything.

A Scorpio tends to want a lot in life, which Regina also represents by chasing power instead of thinking about the peoples’ needs. She shows all of these qualities after getting to the pentagon for the first time in episode 5, “Mann Hunt,” after being presumed dead.

Sagittarius – Nora Brady

Nora in a dark house in Y: The Last Man

Most Sagittarius signs like to be social and depend on other people. They are ambitious but don’t mind asking others to help them achieve their goals. This reliance on others can also lead to insecurity, however. Nora fits into these well among the other Y: The Last Man characters. Before the event, she worked well with others in her government position; after the event, she tries to rely on others to keep her and her daughter safe.

Roxanne tells Nora that she and her daughter are no longer welcome in the commune, but in episode 8, “Ready, Aim, Fire,” she demonstrates those Sagittarius qualities of high ambition and relying on others to feel safe. She blackmails Roxanne so she can stay in the commune with her daughter.

Capricorn – Sam Jordan

Sam in a school in Y: The Last Man

Sam is a new addition to Y: The Last Man from the original comic and the first recurring trans character of the series. He’s also the resident Capricorn of the series, as he is self-sufficient and sharp. Capricorns know what they want and can figure out exactly how to get it.

Sam shows this cunning determination in episode 8, “Ready, Aim, Fire,” when he leaves Hero and the rest of Roxanne’s commune in order to feel safe and live more authentically.

Aquarius – Beth DeVille

Y the Lat Man Juliana Canfield Beth Deville

The Aquarius sign is often marked by strong practicality and rationality, even when those can get in the way of emotionality. They also enjoy a good amount of personal freedom. Beth demonstrates this throughout the show, especially in her interactions with other people.

Beth shows these traits in the first episode, “The Day Before,” when she denies Yorick’s marriage proposal because his lack of career prospects and maturity holds her back.

Pisces – Marla Campbell

A distraught Marla Campbell speaks to Jennifer Brown in Y: The Last Man.

Marla is among the most tragic characters in the series but also exhibits many Pisces attributes. They get lost in thought and hold back their feelings until they need to say something. Marla is reserved and keeps to herself after losing her grandchildren in front of her.

While she mostly remains quietly to herself, she demonstrates the Pisces quality of needing to speak her mind in episode 7, “My Mother Saw a Monkey.” She yells at Jennifer after realizing that her son Yorick is alive. She expresses her frustration that Jennifer kept this hidden and envys that her grandchildren were not the ones to survive.

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