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3 Zodiac Signs Who Work Hard For Love Starting November 5, 2021


If we only knew how much work we’d have to put in when it comes to maintaining our love lives, we might think twice before leaping in.

Yet, human nature is much more spontaneous and impulsive; we are programmed to want and need love – to couple off and create a life with a mate…most times we just jump in. It’s easy to fall in love, but it’s hard work to make that love last.

Three zodiac signs who work hard for love during Venus in Capricorn starting November 5, 2021, get this reality.

When Venus In Capricorn transits our sky, starting on November 5, we may come to realize that love is indeed a lot of work, and because of the nature of both Venus and Capricorn, we will want to put in that effort. Our love means something to us; it’s worth the effort.

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The pragmatism that comes with Capricorn’s influence makes us realize that not only do we need to do this work but that without it, we may lose that person who means the most to us.

This turns out to be a very wise cosmic combination, it might even be a lifesaver for many relationships.

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