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Which Dexter Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The imminent arrival of Dexter: New Blood has fans of America’s favorite serial killer extremely excited, and many have been revisiting the first eight seasons of the show and enjoying the amazing plotlines and the nuanced characters from the show.

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From Debra’s tenacity to Dexter’s double life, each character had distinctive personalities which fit perfectly with the celestial signs of the zodiac. For fans wondering which characters align with their astrological charts, Dexter’s Miami residents sate that curiosity extremely well.

Aries: Maria LaGuerta

Captain Maria LaGuerta may have had a shocking death in Dexter at the hands of Debra Morgan, but her naked ambition and leadership skills were evident through out the series. She got promoted from Lieutenant to Captain in the harshest conditions, and led almost every investigation of Miami Metro Homicide to the best of her abilities.

Fiery like the fire sign itself, she thought before she leapt, often doing less than savory things like sleeping with Esme Pascal’s partner to get her job back, because like a true Aries, she had to stay number one.

Taurus: Lumen Pierce

The oxen of the astrological world are known for their resilience, and Lumen managed to survive the torture that she had been put through at the hands of the Barrel Girls Gang. She was a fighter, and even protected herself against Dexter before she could trust him.

Lumen also displayed intelligence and dedication when it came to avenging her perpetrators, as she drew up elaborate charts and plans on a board, and followed a tangled web to find them. She could also be a bit stubborn, just like Taurus.

Gemini: Dexter Morgan

The ever-so-likable serial killer Dexter led a double life, like many Gemini appear to do. He could be the face of Miami Metro’s geeky forensics lab, as well as the face of vengeance when his Dark Passenger took over and killed hundreds of criminals in the city.

Apart from killing and working, he also had other passions like going to sea in his boat, finding the best donuts and Cuban sandwiches in town, and taking care of his kids. He took his penchant for killing and turned it into a progressive vision for the world, much like the cosmic twins.

Cancer: Rita Bennett

Julie Benz as Rita Bennet in Dexter

Gentle and genuine, Rita was very much a Cancer. A hard time early in her youth made her hesitant to trust, but also sweeter and kinder instead of tough and selfish. She gave a socially inept Dexter many chances to adjust and date her, and was always nice to him even when he committed faux pas.

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Cancerians are replete with warmth and maternal feelings, which made her a naturally great mother to Cody and Astor. She liked her home and building a safe space for herself and her kids.

Leo: Lila West

Lila, Dexter’s former love interest, definitely loved the limelight, and had to have all eyes on her, like Leo. In an uncanny resemblance to astrological fire signs, she also had an attraction to flames and burning things down.

Despite her flaws, Lila was definitely an artistic being and was inclined towards being creative. Her home was full of art, albeit twisted, and she was a free spirit. Her fuel was drama and chaos, which she also wanted in her romantic relationships in true Leo fashion.

Virgo: Brian Moser

Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, and Brian Moser was every bit as precise as this sign when it came to his work as a doctor or as the Ice Truck Killer. The police department especially noticed how meticulous the killer could be with his victims.

Brian was methodical in how he worked, and even Debra couldn’t figure out that he was the Ice Truck Killer while she dated him, because he was the perfect gentlemen and the ideal boyfriend while they were together.

Libra: Joey Quinn

Joey and Christine look at each other

Known for their love of luxuries, decadence, and all things shiny, Libra aligns perfectly with Joey Quinn’s character. Quinn loved beauty in women, and money when he could get it, even if it meant being unscrupulous to gain it.

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He liked living the high life, and could sometimes get carried away by it. However, Quinn was a charming man and could get out of most situations by turning it on for the ladies and his superiors too.

Scorpio: Debra Morgan

Dexter Debra Jennifer Carpenter Season 9

Debra Morgan was feisty, hilarious, loud-mouthed, bold, and often misunderstood. She could really sting a person with her in-built dictionary of foul language, akin to Scorpio.

She was also an ambitious young woman, but sometimes her emotions got the best of her. Her whole life, she craved emotional and physical intimacy from the wrong people, hoping to find the right one somewhere, but she couldn’t quite succeed. Debra’s passion for her job was relentless, which resembled Scorpio the most.

Sagittarius: Frank Lundy

Special Agent Lundy had quite a reverent ring to his name, and with good cause — he was extremely sharp at his job, had decades of experience backing him up, and had a vast ocean of knowledge that he contained within him.

Sagittarians are known for their intelligence, and the sign often goes to great lengths to obtain knowledge that they don’t have. Frank Lundy was used to going inwards to look for answers, as well as outwards while examining evidence.

Capricorn: James Doakes

Sergeant Doakes was tireless in his pursuit for answers, and this was perhaps the one thing that made him an unfortunate victim of Dexter’s who didn’t deserve to die. Like the relentless mountain goat, he didn’t quite know where to stop before he achieved what he set out to do.

He had been a successful leader in many investigations and usually got the results he wanted, but his attempt at success sometimes led him to gun down the wrong man. Doakes was an ultimate workaholic who had no semblance of a personal life, much like Capricorns.

Aquarius: Vince Masuka

C.S. Lee as Vince Masuka

Vince Masuka was weird, to put it nicely, and he didn’t bother to fit in either. As Aquarians do, he led a slightly different lifestyle from his peers, which was a strange mix of alcohol, sex, forensics, and kinks. He rebelled as much as he could within the framework of having to work and earn a living.

Masuka thrived on shock value, and believed in living as nonconformist a life as possible, sometimes surprising his colleagues in Miami Metro.

Pisces: Angel Batista

David Zayas as Angel Batista

Compassionate and genuine, Angel was the sweetest man in the police department, and he showed the most sensitivity and real care for his colleagues as well as the families of victims.

Like Pisces, he was emotional, especially about his ex wife and daughter Auri. His chase for love and romance sometimes landed him in messy situations like Lila and her fake accusations, but Angel’s authenticity and loving nature won out over everything.

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