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Were Friends’ Ross And Rachel Really On A Break? Celebrity Astrologist Drops Thoughts And An F-Bomb


Were Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel and David Schwimmer’s Ross really on a break? Yes and no, depending on who you ask. While Friends fans have remained divided ever since the couple’s second break-up, there has never been a definitive answer – until now, that is. A celebrity astrologer has weighed in (with the help of an F-bomb) on the couple’s so-called break, finally giving fans an answer to the age-old question. 

On her most recent episode of People TV’s Celebrity Astrology Investigation, celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly takes a deeper look into the birth charts behind one of television’s most famous couples. Using her celestial expertise, she breaks down the zodiac signs for each Friends character. (Monica and Chandler are both Aries, Phoebe is an Aquarius, and Joey doesn’t have a canonical birthday, so Aliza labels him as a Pisces). She also focuses on the compatibility between Rachel and Ross. According to Kelly, the characters’ canon signs make sense: 

Ross is a Libra, and that works because Ross is obsessed with love, he’s always in a partnership. Those are very Libra traits. Rachel is a Taurus, which I think tracks because she works at Bloomingdale’s, and she’s a little materialistic and she loves clothes… Yeah, stereotype Taurus could be that.

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