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The Friends Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius, the archer of the Zodiac, is known for an adventurous spirit and tendency to shoot truth arrows straight into your heart. Sagittarius folks love to explore, whether by traveling or learning, and share their wisdom with you, even if you may not want to hear it (sometimes especially if you don’t). If there’s one person that the Friends don’t want to listen to, even if she’s dropping wisdom bombs, it’s Janice, the Sagittarius of the group.

Sagittarians can be known for their energy and liveliness, which can sometimes translate to an “issue” with volume control. Janice is objectively the loudest character of “Friends” as her enthusiastic cackle and “oh my GODS” reverberate powerfully throughout New York City. Sagittarians are sociable as they can easily jump from friend group to friend group since their interests can be varied. Janice proves this as she dates both Chandler and Ross and wins over Joey (or so she thinks).

But even boundary-less Sagittarians have their limits and Janice has to put her foot down to tell the truth: that Ross’ whining is so annoying that their relationship has to end. Sagittarians are known for their compassion and Janice shows that to Chandler over and over again, even when he does things like pretend to move to Yemen just to avoid breaking up with her. Ultimately, Janice comes through for the Friends, using Sagittarian wisdom and kindness to talk Chandler through his anxiety around fertility and help Rachel with her birth.

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