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Why Lala & Randall’s Zodiac Signs Clash


Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is a Virgo who seemed happy with Aries Randall Emmett sometimes, but they always had problems. Now, they’re done.

On Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s romance has been a staple narrative, and their clashing zodiac signs may explain why they were destined to break up. After cheating rumors surfaced, the couple called off their three-year engagement. While they were together, they had their fair share of problems.

Lala was originally dating Randall in secret on the show. At the time, this created tension between her and James Kennedy. Many Vanderpump Rules castmates believed that Lala was only with Randall for the financial perks. Lala admits the relationship made no sense early on (at least, to the show’s viewers). However, things got serious over time, and the couple became parents to their daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett. While Randall and Lala seemed happier than ever on the opening of season 9, they have since split. Their wedding plans are definitely canceled.

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Lala Kent was born on September 2, 1990, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lala is a Virgo Sun Sign, with Scorpio rising and an Aquarius moon. Lala leans into the stubborn end of her Scorpio ascendant, always fighting to make her perspective understood. Never scared to be provocative, Lala is the definition of formidable. Scorpio rising natives are easily hurt and will bite back, as Lala did by liking a post about Randall cheating. Lala’s Virgo Sun makes her an organized perfectionist. Fans saw this when she worried about making the New York Times bestseller list. Virgo can also be highly judgmental of others, which she showcased by throwing shade at Ariana Madix. See Lala and Randall’s baby Ocean below:

Virgos’ hyper-focus on details makes them lose sight of the big picture. Her old dislike of Raquel Leviss, amid the cooling of her friendship with James, underscores this. Finally, Lala’s Aquarius Moon adds to her stubborn desire for independence. Aquarius Moon natives are not followers and they are often unemotional. This Moon sign must learn to be sensitive to the other signs around them, so she could have been too cold with Randall. Finally (and unsurprisingly), Lala’s Venus is in Leo. She is a loyal friend and lover with a great deal of pride. Relationships are over when she loses respect for her partner. Lala has no plans to take Randall back. In the future, she should avoid clinging to those that will make her look influential and powerful.

Randall Emmett Is An Aries

Randall was born on March 25, 1971, in Miami, Florida. He is an Aries Sun sign, with Cancer rising and a Pisces Moon. Cancers and Pisces are known to be very emotional signs. On the plus side, Randall’s Cancer energy makes him nurturing and sentimental. The downside is that Cancers can be susceptible to criticism and insecurity. Pisces is also known to be caring, with a tendency to absorb the feelings of those around them. With a tendency to put others’ needs before his own, Randall’s Pisces Moon may put him at risk of being exploited.

Randall Emmett Needs To Feel Free

Randall’s Aries Sun gives him vitality, leadership skills, and fierce independence, balancing out the Water and Air in his natal chart. Randall’s ability to oversee many projects as a producer (and his endless positivity) is likely due to his Aries Sun sign. His direct and caring nature compliments Lala’s personality in some ways. However, Lala may perceive him as a pushover. With a Venus in Aquarius, he can relate to Lala, due to her matching Moon sign, but his need for freedom plays into the cheating rumors.

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Randall craves freedom in the love department due to his Aquarius placement, and Lala’s Leo Venus has no tolerance for infidelity. On another level, their birth charts point to the possibility that Randall felt used by Lala. While she is loyal, her initial attraction to his Hollywood status was not necessarily rooted in an authentic connection. Furthermore, Lala’s bluntness, which defines Vanderpump Rules, may have been too much for the sensitive Randall.

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