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Which Netflix’s Inside Job Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Reminiscent of Rick and MortyGravity Falls and other cartoon series with adult themes, Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job on Netflix is a fresh entry in the tradition of animated adult comedy shows. The show follows Reagon Ridley and her co-workers at the shadow organization Cognito Inc., which secretly controls the world and hides the fact that every conspiracy theory is actually real.

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Aside from Reagan, there is a sizable cast of colorful and weird characters, and even though they’re conceptualized for absurdist humor, it’s not hard for a viewer to find a character on the show to whom they can relate. Each one is unique in their relation to the phenomena that underpin the show, so the zodiac signs will serve as a useful metric for determining how they could relate to specific viewers.

Aries – Reagan Ridley

Netflix Inside Job Reagan Ripley

Reagan (voiced by Lizzy Caplan) fits Aries characteristics. Typically, Aries signs don’t slow down but constantly chase new stimuli. They are also headstrong and prefer to do things their own way. Regan is among the smartest characters in Inside Jobbut she doesn’t always think things through. This is exemplified by the many times she uses her inventions without proper testing.

Aries signs can also be overly competitive, which Reagan exhibits in the first episode, “Unpresidented,” when she vocalizes her anger about sharing a job promotion with the unqualified Brett Hand. Another example occurs in episode 4, “Sex Machina,” when Regan bets her co-workers she can get a boyfriend by the end of that week to stop their teasing about her dating life.

Taurus – Rand Ridley

As an out-of-work shut-in, Rand (voiced by Christian Slater) fits many of the Taurus’ more negative traits. These include favoring materiality over personal relationships and giving either 0% or 100% of their energy at any given time, which Rand exhibits in his relationship with his daughter Reagan. He forgoes fatherly duties and mooches off of Reagan unless he’s delivering a screed about his enemies.

Tauruses also dislike big changes in their lives, a trait that Rand displays in his first appearance in “Unpresidented,” when he’s standing outside the White House spouting Cognito Inc.’s secrets because he is still bitter about being ousted as the company’s leader.

Gemini – Brett Hand

Reagan and Brett looking shocked in Netflix Inside Job

Brett (voiced by Clark Duke) seems tailor-made to fit the Gemini sign. Geminis are often social people who can converse with ease, which describes Brett perfectly. It’s why he was hired in the first place. Brett is brought into Cognito Inc. so his Gemini-like people skills can complement Reagan’s technical ambition, which also makes them great narrative foils.

Geminis also tend to be perceptive and intelligent, and Brett exhibits very strong social perception and intelligence. A good example can be seen in “Unpresidented” when he uses his experiences with college fraternities to relate to security guards and slip past them.

Cancer – Bear-O

Bear-O and Rand in Netflix Inside Job

Cancers are associated with a strong emotionality. As ironic as it may seem, a robot fits this personality best in Inside Job. Bear-O, Reagan’s animatronic childhood friend, doesn’t always fulfill his intended purpose of emotional companionship, but he always tries his best.

Getting attached to others and taking on their problems is common in Cancers, and Bear-O exhibits these traits in abundance, perhaps to excess. In the episode “Inside Reagan,” Bear-O tries to care for Reagan emotionally but misjudges the situation. Taking the Cancer sense of sympathy too far, he tries to make Reagan’s work life less stressful by attacking her co-workers.

Leo – Gigi Thompson

Gigi Thompson and Magic Myc sit in on a meeting in Inside Job

Like a typical Leo, Gigi (voiced by Tisha Campbell) knows what she’s worth. She has extreme confidence that often turns into arrogance. She has high self-worth, but often thinks less of others accordingly.

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Leo signs often value material luxury, and this trait is evident in Gigi’s lavish lifestyle and expensive possessions. She shows this specifically in episode 5, “The Brettfast Club.” When the group needs to give up their technology for a mission, she threatens to kill the robot that takes away her multiple electronic devices.

Virgo – Tamiko Ridley

Tamiko chokes Raegan in Inside Job

Reagan’s mom Tamiko (voiced by Suzy Nakamura) is overly critical and doesn’t take the time to relate to Reagan, which aligns with the negative aspects of typical Virgo traits. Virgos typically crave doing things their way, and in Tamiko’s case, this means pushing away her daughter.

Tamiko, like many Virgo signs, filters the world through her own personal judgments. She shows this trait in her first appearance in episode 3, “Blue Bloods,” when she doesn’t listen to Reagan and instead diagnoses her behavior.

Libra – Magic Myc

Magic Myc touches Brett's head in Inside Job

Magic Myc (voiced by Brett Gelman), the psychic sapient mushroom from Hollow Earth, exhibits many strong Libra traits. Libra signs have an easy time understanding and connecting to the emotions of others. As a creature with mind-reading abilities, Myc literally understands these (though he may have a hard time actually connecting).

Libras can also be conflict-avoidant and prefer to chase comfort, which Magic Myc exemplifies in episode 5, “The Brettfast Club,” after an E.T. spoof. He spends most of the episode in an amnesiatic state, following his physical vices before running away from a possessed Brett while Reagan saves the day.

Scorpio – ROBOTUS

ROBOTUS is trapped inside a glass tube in Inside Job

Scorpios have big desires and ambitions, and often the high intelligence needed to achieve their lofty goals. As Reagan’s robotic replacement of the president, ROBOTUS (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos) embodies these traits. Scorpio signs also tend to be mysterious, as is ROBOTUS. He spends most of the show contained in Cognito Inc.’s basement but still yearns for world domination, so the other characters can’t trust him completely.

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Sometimes, a Scorpio’s high ambition can leave them dissatisfied with their current standings, demonstrated by ROBOTUS in episode 1. He gains self-awareness and quickly tries to take over the world, despite already being set to stand in as the most powerful political leader on the planet.

Sagittarius – Glenn Dolphman

An annoyed Glenn looks at Raegan in Netflix Inside Job

As a half-man, half-dolphin, Glenn (voiced by John DiMaggio, best known for voicing Bender the robot in Futurama) embodies the Sagittarius sign for more reasons other than being a human-animal hybrid. Typical Sagittarius traits include strong emotional responses (often taking form as a short temper) and a need for reassurance, which can lead to insecurity. Like a Safittarius, Glenn is loud, quick to anger, and does not think especially highly of himself.

These connections can be seen in episode 4, “Sex Machina.” In this episode, Glenn and Brett swap bodies to determine if Brett’s charisma comes from his good looks, or if he will still be as charismatic in Glenn’s body. It is revealed that Glenn’s life is mostly sad because he is so abrasive, and this removes any sort of genuine confidence.

Capricorn – J.R. Scheimpough

J.R. Scheimpough looking eager in Netflix Inside Job

Capricorns are self-motivated and like others to know how well they’re doing. J.R. (voiced by Andy Daly), the current head of Cognito Inc., demonstrates this by the way he runs the organization. He’s one of the least likable characters seen in Inside Job, and he’s not afraid to chase or show off his success.

J.R.’s Capricorn traits are revealed in episode 2, “Clone Gunman,” when Rand blackmails J.R. in order to take back some of what he has received from his show-boating successfulness.

Aquarius – Dr. Andre

Dr Andre talks to Brett Hand in Inside Job

The fun-loving Dr. Andre (voiced by Bobby Lee), arguably the best character in Inside Job, carries many traits typically associated with the Aquarius sign. An Aquarius often values personal freedom above most other things, which Dr. Andre exhibits by constantly chasing highs and trying to feel good.

Aquarius signs also typically enjoy people collectively rather than individually. Dr. Andre shows this trait in episode 3, “Blue Bloods,” when he jumps at the chance to be intimate with a group of lizard people after not doing much to make personal connections to the other characters.

Pisces – Grassy Noel Atkinson

A close-up of Noel Atkinson in Inside Job

Typical Pisces traits include good soft skills and emotional understanding, which Grassy Noel (voiced by Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls fame) displays as the most personable and popular employee of Cognito Inc.

Pisces signs also often spend a lot of time in their imaginations. Grassy Noel does this in episode 2, “The Clone Gunman,” when he reminisces about his last mission (the JFK assassination) almost 60 years ago.

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