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Which Cartoon Network Hero Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Characters spawned during the golden age of Cartoon Network have become household names around the world, from the unbreakable Rose Quartz to the dedicated Professor Utonium. In fact, dozens of popular characters aren’t even the protagonists of their respective shows, which only goes to show the influence they have had (and continue to maintain) on their audiences.

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Fictional characters are as different from each other as people in real life, which means that applying the principles of astrology to their diverse personalities is likely to result in a fascinating outcome. The Zodiac might not be able to cover the breadth and complexity of these beloved characters, but they do offer some insight into their design and construction.

12 Aries — Samurai Jack Knows That Leadership Is Meaningless Without Sacrifice

Jack is the ideal definition of a hero—not only is he universally compassionate and helpful, but he goes so far as to give up his deepest desires to protect the people who need it the most.

As an Aries, Jack knows that leadership is meaningless without self-sacrifice, but he deals with the obstacles thrown in his way with an almost zen level of patience and composure.

11 Taurus — Rose Quartz’s Determination Is Practically Limitless

Rose Quartz is, in many ways, the emotionally evolved version of Pink Diamond, as seen through her willingness to defend an alien planet (Earth) against her own people.

She is a classic Taurus in that she takes her time to evaluate the situation before mounting a response to outside aggression, revealing her limitless determination in the process. Rose might be a Gem, but she is staunchly against the xenophobic beliefs espoused by the other Diamonds.

10 Gemini — Numbuh 3 Can Handle Multiple Tasks With Equal Efficiency

Numbuh 3 finds adapting to most scenarios a relative breeze, even if her behavior verges on the illogical at times. Her Gemini nature is displayed via her ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, considering that she is a skilled warrior, a polyglot, as well as incredibly affectionate towards those she takes under her wing.

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That said, Numbuh 3’s childish temper has a tendency to flare up in unexpected situations, a form of inconsistency that’s consistent with the Gemini sign.

9 Cancer — Muriel Bagge Is Open-Minded, Gentle, And Compassionate

Muriel Bagge is one of the most open-minded, gentle, and forgiving characters ever created by Cartoon Network, but this has an unfortunate side-effect.

Like most Cancers, she perceives no difference between truly kind people and those who wish her harm, which can occasionally lead to problems (that Courage is forced to deal with). On the other hand, Muriel’s fluctuating temperament is a negative aspect of the Cancer sign.

8 Leo — Mojo Jojo Loves The Idea Of Being A Villain More Than Actually Being A Villain

Mojo Jojo wants many things—to take over the planet, to dominate the people of Townsville, to defeat his archnemesis trio, but what he wants most is recognition.

In fact, the reason the Powerpuff Girls exist is because of Mojo Jojo’s immature cry for attention, proving that he’s a Leo, through and through. In addition, Mojo Jojo loves the idea of being a villain more than being an actual villain; in other words, he’s in the biz for the spotlight and nothing else.

7 Virgo — Mordecai’s Intelligence Is Frequently Contrasted With Rigby

Mordecai is quite a smart character, although his intelligence is frequently overestimated as it is constantly pitted against Rigby’s lack of responsibility.

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Being a Virgo, Mordecai is significantly more composed than his best friend. In a twist of Zodiac irony, Mordecai generally hates expending effort but does it anyway because he cannot abide the idea of being considered a deadbeat.

6 Libra — Princess Bubblegum Directs Her Energy For The Betterment Of Her People

Princess Bubblegum’s Libra intellect is sometimes clouded by her hostility, but she never pushes anyone to breaking point, no matter how much trouble they cause (or how often they bother her).

She is rarely interested in furthering her personal ambitions, instead directing her energies towards the betterment of her subjects. Bubblegum’s ethical philosophy is a tad sketchy, but she remains a good person at heart.

5 Scorpio — Mandark Is A Megalomaniac With A Soft Spot For Dee Dee

Mandark’s actions, motivations, and overall behavior are all notable elements common to the Scorpio sign, as is his enduring desire to wreak havoc on the only other character whose genius matches his own.

Although Mandark’s potential for good is infinite in the beginning, losing his life’s work to Dexter forces him to evolve in a patently malicious direction. Nevertheless, even Overlord Mandark is unable to let go of his love for Dee Dee, showing that he is attuned to the Scorpio’s fierce loyalty.

4 Sagittarius — Ben Tennyson Exhibits A Degree Of Perseverance That Few Are Capable Of

Ben Tennyson’s Sagittarian nature isn’t always evident, considering that he prefers to make light of serious scenarios even at great peril to himself.

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Regardless, he exhibits a degree of perseverance that few others are capable of, taking extreme risks when it comes to keeping his friends and loved ones safe. On the contrary, Ben tends to explode violently whenever he learns that he cannot perform his tasks the way he expects.

3 Capricorn — Professor Utonium Treats His Creations Like His Own Children

Professor Utonium’s love for science leads him to create Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, but he doesn’t really share the clinical ideals of most scientists.

For instance, he doesn’t treat his creations like test subjects but like his own children, a characteristic that places him under the benevolent Capricorn sign. Utonium doesn’t give up on his research after the Powerpuff Girls are born; at the same time, he is an incredibly responsible and encouraging parent.

2 Aquarius — Edd Helps Maintain A Tenuous Harmony In The Cul-De-Sac

Ed is charming and hopeful, Eddy is self-centered and paranoid, and Edd strikes the perfect balance between his two friends.

He helps maintain harmony among the cul-de-sac with his fascination for discipline, making him one of the more admired members of their larger group of friends. Ed’s Aquarius personality is best exemplified through both his precocity and various eccentricities.

1 Pisces — Lawrence 3000 Is Tactful And Sensitive When It Comes To Conflict

As a true Pisces, Larry is extremely mature, peaceful, and surprisingly sensitive (given his robotic origins). He ensures that Otto is taken care of in every way possible, although their relationship doesn’t begin on such a positive note at the show’s outset.

Larry has a wide range of talents—his creative output includes music, painting, cooking, reading, sewing, dancing, and so on. He is also rather tactful with respect to conflict, embodying the Pisces sign’s empathy to the fullest.

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