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Best Crystals and Gemstones for Career Success and Growth at Work


As you might know, crystals are believed to transmit ~energy~, and different types of crystals are associated with different uses, like protection, healing, or encouraging self-love. So if you’re looking for a crystal to keep on your desk at work, you need to get specific. By carrying, wearing, or placing a charged crystal in your workspace, you’re bringing in potent forces to help amplify your strengths, block negative influences, dissolve tension, and attract good opportunities and people.

Size and shape doesn’t matter: big or small, clusters or polished stones, jewelry or raw chunks. Some crystals will have an instant impact in your presence , but mostly they work ~subtly~. Used consistently over time, they make you feel good. Also, have you seen these bbs? They’re better desk decor than a half-dead succulent or a boring old pen holder, for sure.

Look after your crystals and they will look after you. Cleansing them (of the ~messy~ or negative energy they absorb) and charging them (aka restoring their unique properties, which, like a battery, can drain over time with use) by letting them soak up the sunlight for at least an hour is the easiest and quickest way to get them in tiptop shape again.

Give your work world a glow-up with these cosmic career coaches.

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