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The Office Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Now, we wouldn’t blame you if up until now you’ve been yelling at the screen that a sign we attached to another “The Office” character should belong to Steve Carell’s Michael Scott. After all, in spite of himself, he does sometimes — moreso later in the series — display genuine leadership qualities like an Aries. He’s very much attached to the home, just like a Cancer, and obviously like a Leo he loves being the center of attention. 

However, out of all the signs, the one that really speaks to the core of Michael Scott is the Libra because, as Astrology.com notes, Libras are “focused on others” because they “do not want to be alone.” At the end of the day, that’s what Michael Scott is all about — not being alone. Everything else about him springs from his fears of not having friends or someone to grow old with. For him, Dunder Mifflin Scranton is a place to go to make friends, and eventually a wife. That’s why to him, the worst crime you could commit as one of his employees isn’t being lazy — it’s disturbing the fun that he thinks will bring him closer to his coworkers, which is why Toby Flenderson is his nemesis.  

After all, while it’s understandable to see Michael as an attention-hungry Leo, people under that sign thrive in the spotlight. Michael, arguably, doesn’t thrive at the center of attention. He wants to, but really it’s something he forces in hopes of winning the friendship and love he craves. 

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