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The Lost Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


If the cast of “Lost” had just one impulsive personality, the key description of a true Gemini, it was Ana Lucia. Quick to make decisions, whether they were good or bad (and they were unfortunately often very, very bad), Ana Lucia had many of the classic traits of the misunderstood twin sign. Geminis love to talk, but even more, they love a good argument, often described as a way the sign flirts. Ana Lucia always had something to disagree with, always had something to say to everyone, claiming to be an authority on every subject. She¬†always needed to be the smartest person in the room even if she wasn’t, and her fights with Sawyer belied a certain affection.

A Gemini uses humor as a crutch to get through hard times, and distract themselves from the troubles they find themselves in, and this police officer turned crash survivor always has a sly smile and a wry joke to tell when things get tough for her. At the same time, when she does take charge, she does so because she doesn’t trust anyone else’s judgment, another trait of the summer sign.

Ana Lucia, like a Gemini, is both introverted and extroverted; one moment she might be the life of the group, the next off in the corner brooding. She claims she doesn’t need anyone, but as a true Gemini, she is deep down absolutely terrified of being alone.¬†

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