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The Best Crystals for Sagittarius, Healing Crystals and Gemstones


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Know someone who’s an adorable bundle of energy and fun? They might be a Sagittarius. This sign’s energy is happy and bouncy and boisterous. Sags (born November 22 to December 21, BTW) are full-on people with room-changing energy. (Although for some, this means they’re sometimes best endured in small doses!)

As a mutable fire sign, Sagittarius is warm, funny, clumsy, passionate, spontaneous, and notoriously impossible to pin down. Sags love nothing more than feeling the wind in their hair as they move at breakneck speed down an untraveled pathway, seeking adventure and new horizons. They are the explorers and adventurers of the zodiac. Sags love to say yes to anything, and then they’ll think about the consequences later (or maybe not). They’re not always the most reliable sign, but you’re guaranteed a good time when you’re with them.

These archers have literally no filter. They say what everyone else is thinking but won’t say out loud, and they just blurt out whatever is running along through their thoughts. This gets them into hot water often, but they’re so guileless and adorable that they’re usually forgiven for it. All this truth also makes them unlikely philosophers. You can talk to them about almost anything—they’ll ~get~ it (and have an opinion or piece of advice to share).

These crystals will help Sagittarius chill out, express themselves (without causing drama), relax, and attract success! Live large, Sag, and let these crystals light up your life!

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