Home Horoscope Horoscopes: Russell Grant’s monthly horoscope for November 2021 – what to expect

Horoscopes: Russell Grant’s monthly horoscope for November 2021 – what to expect


Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21)

The New Moon on the 4th could push you into the background, despite a desire to command the spotlight. Attending to background tasks and administrative work is critical to your wellbeing. After forcing yourself to rest, it will be easier to take a diplomatic approach to a stressful work matter. Beware of talking more than you listen; you don’t want to disclose any confidential information to the wrong people. A Lunar Eclipse on the 19th demonstrates the need to take good care of your body. Replace sugar, fat and alcohol with lean protein, fresh produce and whole grains. Your improved diet will give you an attractive glow that’s impossible to resist at the end of November. Enjoy the adulation you’ll receive.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20)  

Working on a group project could be frustrating at the start of the month. The New Moon on the 4th could throw some technical glitches into a teleconference, making it difficult to see and hear instructions. Instead of trying to force the issue, agree to reconvene later in the week so everyone can easily communicate. The middle of November warns against engaging in retail therapy. If you want to fill an emotional void, pour your energy into realising a dream you’ve had since childhood. On the 19th, a Lunar Eclipse could cause you to abandon a creative project or romance that has been giving you trouble. Spend the final days of the month engaging in a sacred practice or studying a fascinating belief system.

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