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Why Purifying Healing Crystals is Crucial-5 Omnipotent Energising Gemstones And Best Way to Energise Them


The exquisite and finely polished minerals called gemstones are often used for ornamental purposes by both ancient and modern-age generations. However, these crystals are also considered powerful summoners of good fortune and positive energy that can revitalise spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical healing Chakras. Gemstones are said to absorb beneficial energies and use them specifically for the overall well-being of the wearer.Also Read – Here Are Top 5 Gemstones For Investment Purpose

Having said that, a gemstone time and again travels through an indefinite trail of human contact, starting from mining to cutting and then polishing. It is, therefore, handed over to artisans and salespeople before finding the destined wearer. Thus, it is crucial to energise and purify gemstones before wearing them to ensure that it emits frequencies to aid the wearer. Also Read – Consider Wearing These 4 Gemstones to Attract Health And Happiness

Though energising gemstones is not mandatory, it is vital for enhancing the bond between the crystal and its corresponding planet. Here, we have curated a list of 5 all-powerful gemstones and the simplest ways to energise them: Also Read – The Festive Season is Here, And What Better Way to Enjoy it Than by Dressing up in Chic Jewellery Pieces

  • Black Obsidian: Renowned for its exceptionally brilliant healing attributes, Black Obsidian weed out a pessimistic and gloomy aura around the wearer and cleanses the atmosphere of negativity. It helps the wearer to enter the realm of utter calmness and stability and encourages to confront the most profound truths, making them self-aware and conscious.

Tips for energising: Wash the stone with lukewarm running water, either early morning or late afternoon. It will ward off negativity from gathering in the stone.

  • Rose Quartz: Owing to its soothing colour and spiritual healing properties, Rose Quartz is remarkably profitable for easing old emotional wounds. It fills the wearer with pure love and emotional stability by eradicating apathy and bleakness. Whether it’s a broken heart or pent-up anger and frustration, the stone is believed to relieve the wearer of such heavy burdens.

Tips for energising: Make a saltwater solution and leave the stone in it for about 48 hours. It will energise the stone and escalate its healing properties.

  • Amethyst: With the outstanding ability to turn lower vibes to higher frequencies, Amethyst are known for revamping negativity into full-bloom positivity. The stone oozes an optimistic aura around the wearer and reduces stress, anxiety, fear and mental pressure. The tranquilising properties of the stone encourage the wearer to delve deeper into the meditative state leading to a calm and relaxed attitude.

Tips for energising: Mix sea salt with water and leave the stone in the solution for a night. It will cleanse the stone and strengthen its healing properties.

  • Lapis Lazuli: With the striking abilities to motivate self-confidence, self-awareness and self-reliability, Lapis Lazuli encourages the wearer to confront the inner and outer truths and become more compassionate, empathetic and understanding. The stone is anchored with cosmic, high spirits and divine energies, especially near the ocean. The natural characteristic of the water aids the stone to rinse lower energies and replace them with productive vibrations.

Tips for energising: Simply use warm and soapy water to clean up the stone. Avoid using hot water or chemical dips, or jewellery cleaning solutions.

  • Carnelian: One of the pre-eminent gemstones existing, Carnelian symbolises endurance, skilful leadership and gallantry. The stone inspires the wearer to embrace inner talents and be confident in the face of adversity. It helps them to cheer up and avert mental stress, depression and unhappiness. The stone is also renowned for boosting conviction, stamina and self-esteem.

Tips for energising: It is best to wash it with natural running water like a river, waterfall or stream, but you can also rinse it through running water at home.

Bottom Line

To avail of the best astrological benefits of gemstones or healing crystals, it is advised to cleanse the stones at least once a month. Don’t use chemically induced solutions unnecessarily, as most stones can be simply energised with natural products. Furthermore, always consult with an expert before purchasing any gemstone and never invest tons of money without verifying its authenticity.

(Inputs by Nitin Yadav, Founder and CEO at GemPundit) 

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