Home Horoscope Weekly Love Horoscope For November 1 – 7 2021

Weekly Love Horoscope For November 1 – 7 2021


Your weekly love horoscope for Monday, November 1 – Sunday, November 7, 2021, for all zodiac signs with an astrology forecast for your relationships, dating, and friendships.

As we begin the first full week of November it’s clear that there is no more playing around when it comes to relationships or our future.

November carries a different energy than October did.

Where last month we were seeing planets turn direct and were slowly being invited to step out of the haze of introspection that we found ourselves within, this month right from the beginning the energy is passionate and committed.

It’s almost as if even the universe has decided even, it can’t do casual any longer.

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While there are few transits this week, the ones that are occurring will end up affecting the energy of the entire month.

The New Moon in Scorpio is always an intense and passionate time that helps us build the next steps of our relationships on truth and depth. This isn’t a superficial or casual interaction, but the meeting of two souls.

While it can potentially at times seem overwhelming, it’s more about us deciding that unless it’s everything it’s not really worth anything.

Then as we move through Venus and Mercury changing signs, we are taken over by a completely different energy.

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