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New Astrology App CUSP Focused on Love & Sex


Calling all hopeless romantics and astrology enthusiasts — a new modern horoscope app called CUSP has just launched, which focuses on love, sex and relationships.

Unlike some apps in the market that use artificial intelligence and equations to predict horoscopes, CUSP works with a team of astrologers — lead by Kirah Tabourn — who provide daily love horoscopes and love compatibility reports. Through the use of modern and traditional astrological reading styles, CUSP delivers a unique holistic experience for its users.

“The topics of love and relationships in all their forms have always been so important to me,” Tabourn shared in a press release. “With CUSP, we plan to nourish users with intimate, insightful and intentional content, while fostering a community centered around love in all its fluidity and forms.”

You can now download CUSP on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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