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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day On October 31, 2021


It seems there’s a bit of magic in the air for three zodiac signs who will have a great day on October 31, 2021, and as we rise to the Scorpio Sun and Virgo Moon today and not just because it’s Samhain.

Currently, we’re within a five-day period when the overall energies that govern our thoughts, feelings, and actions are going to change dramatically which means that as we begin Eclipse Season in just a few short days it will feel like maybe everything is working out exactly as it’s meant to.

After having just seen Mars move into Scorpio yesterday, in the next few days we will experience our New Moon in Scorpio, Mercury moves into Scorpio and Venus moves into Capricorn.

The energy is most definitely auspicious but also full of possibility.

Today almost feels like a calm before the storm, almost as if for some there is this internal feeling that everything is about to change and that it’s only a matter of time.

Adding to this electric energy there is a trine between Mercury and Jupiter today encouraging us to make big decisions and even proposals that will be the catalyst for an entirely new way of living.

This can be a bit scary, especially if it feels like we have to just surrender to the energy at hand and just allow the universe to show us the next step and when we’re meant to take it.

But a big part of surrender is trust.

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