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Harley-Davidson Zodiac Is One Killer Ride, Has More Than 12 Custom Signs


Most of the time, the names slapped on custom Harley-Davidson builds are just whims of the moment of either the ones who ordered it, or the ones making it. There’s no higher purpose, no marketing stunt, no hidden messages: just a cool name slapped onto a cool bike.

Take the word Zodiac. It may mean a belt of the heavens, or a notorious killer, but it was rarely used on a motorcycle, if ever. That’s until Japanese shop Bad Land came onto the scene, and decided, for whatever reason, the moniker would perfectly fit what was once a stock 2017 Breakout, and is now a killer ride.

As usual when it comes to Bad Land builds, we get a host of stock and custom bits, with the ones in the former category being supplied by a variety of shops located elsewhere on this Earth.

For starters, we’ve got the parts made in house by Bad Land itself. Some of the most important elements of a bike, at least visually speaking, have been made by the Japanese shop itself, things like the fuel tank and fenders. These go perfectly with the OEM wheels that have been chosen for the build.

Having come up with those, and the overall design of the Zodiac, Bad Land turned to an old acquittance of our in the world of custom Harleys, the Germans from Thunderbike. They supplied most of the things visible up front, like the headlight, visor, clip-on handlebar, and turn signals.

The engine still is the stock one, but it was made to breath easier thanks to the addition of elements like an Arlen Ness air cleaner, and an exhaust system signed by Unknown.

The Zodiac is one of the more recent builds to come out the doors of the Japanese shop, but as usual, we are not being told how much it cost to put it all together.

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