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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 30, 2021


Three zodiac signs who will have a rough day on October 30, 2021, will feel the intensity of Saturday in ways that they have not before. 

Beginning the day under the Scorpio Sun and transiting Leo to Virgo Moon we will be deep within the emotional waters of our mind unable to truly see what is real, or what is only imagined.

During Scorpio Season thoughts and conversations tend to be deeper and more emotionally charged as we often finally begin to speak on things that we’ve held inside for most of the year.

Magic occurs when we speak up; when we talk about all of the things that we think, we want or even that we desire.

Today though, some of the energy may not be what it first appears.

The Moon will be transiting from Leo into the Virgo zodiac sign during the course of the day shifting us from a fun playful light energy to a more serious, logical, and perhaps even perfectionist attitude.

This could make us begin to second guess some of the recent events in which we felt greater confidence and support.

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Adding to this perhaps deceptive mind energy is the Sun Saturn square which speaks to feeling disillusioned about a certain aspect or relationship in our lives.

The energy is one that certainly can’t be trusted today because while sometimes we do realize things that were previously hidden, our trauma brain can also have us imagining situations in which there is no basis for reality.

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