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3 Zodiac Signs Who Want A Change In Love, October 30 To November 2, 2021


Love is a mystery. Its ceaseless lure has us in its thrall. We chase after it, claim it, make it our very own.

Three zodiac signs are going to love the Moon in Virgo in the next few days.

For these three zodiac signs who want a love that makes sense, this earthy energy is more than welcome from October 30 to November 2, 2021.

We hear about its wonders when we are children, and we feel its glorious effects from the moment we are born. Love is all we ever want  no matter your zodiac sign — and it’s the answer to all of our questions.

But what actually IS love? Is it a feeling, a bond that happens between friends, families, lovers? Is it the glue that holds us together, and if so — why does it tend to fail us just as we need it most?

If love is so great, then why does it hurt so much? The truth is, we just want it to make sense.

We know we’ll probably never have the answers to all the great questions, but this thing called love — how do we make sense of it? 

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