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3 Zodiac Signs Who Make The First Move For Love During The Moon Trine Pluto Starting November 1, 2021


A long time ago, there was a movie called, ‘Moonstruck’ and in it, there was a scene where one woman asks another, “Why do men cheat?”

The other woman responds with the famous line, “Because they are afraid of death.”

The entire feel of this sentiment is distinctly Plutonian, and while this transit — Moon Trine Pluto — is not particularly about cheating or death itself, it IS about what we do when we fear the inevitable.

Why, after all, do people move in together, if not because of a fear of being alone?

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While it’s not the only reason, fear of death — and fear of being alone motivates so many of our moves, and reaching out for the love of another is probably number one on the list.

Moon Trine Pluto is such a dark transit that can scare the heck out of us, compelling us to do things that will bring us security. November 1 is also known as All Saint’s Day, the day after Halloween.

While all these names seem tame — perhaps there really is something to the idea that…maybe Halloween scares us on some deep level that propels us into making a move towards love on the following day — All Saint’s Day.

Fear of death creates the need for love and security. Wow. Shout out to the Fire zodiac signs as they are the forerunners here, today.

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