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3 Zodiac Signs Who Don’t Want To Talk About Love Starting October 31, 2021


It’s Halloween, and three zodiac signs who don’t want to talk about love during Mercury trine Jupiter starting October 31, 2021, would like to focus on that, and that alone.

The curious part about Mercury Trine Jupiter, which occurs on October 31, is that it tends to open up our ability to express ourselves verbally, which sounds like a fantastic thing — unless, of course, you’re on the receiving end of this nonstop gab session, and all of the conversation is about love, love, love.

Nothing wrong with love as a conversation topic, but what if you’re that person who really doesn’t want to hear about it?

You might find yourself next to someone, during this transit, who can’t shut up about their love life, or maybe YOU are their love interest and they won’t stop yapping about ‘plans for the future’ or ‘when are we going to get married’ etc.

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In other words, sometimes you just don’t want to talk about love, and Mercury Trine Jupiter brings out more yap about love than a person can take…but that’s not it’s only ‘gift’: it also makes us want to avoid hearing another word on the topic.

Oh, those adorable, gigantic, fast-spinning joker planets, how they love irony.

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