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Your Aries 2021 November Horoscope Is Here and an Eclipse Will Make Things Very Messy


Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Aries personality profile. 

Welcome to November, charming Aries. At the end of October, you felt reinvigorated in your professional life, as bosses, clients, and colleagues gave you the respect you deserve. However, you’re full of ambition and determined to achieve any new goals you may have set. So, during the new moon in transformative Scorpio on Thursday, November 4, write down your professional dreams and put them somewhere you see every day, like on the wall next to your desk. You’re known to get what you want, Aries, but you may need to learn how to be patient. No one achieves success overnight. 

The very next day, Friday, November 5, abundant Venus enters hardworking Capricorn. You’re feeling energized professionally. Circle this date in your calendar as you may receive welcome financial news, which helps motivate you to keep working towards your goals. Just beware of paranoia and office gossip when messenger Mercury enters jealous Scorpio on this same date, Friday, November 5. You’re making money moves, so take note of who is supportive and who tries to bring you down. 

Your attention turns to your love life when the “marriage asteroid” Juno enters responsible Capricorn on Sunday, November 14. Regardless of your relationship status, the isolation of the pandemic likely left you wanting increased intimacy. Sure, sex is great, but have you ever had a healthy romantic commitment? This transit levels up relationships, so you may find yourself becoming “official,” moving in with someone, or yes, even getting married during this time. 

November could be a bountiful month for you, Aries, so beware of letting anxiety cloud your perception. During the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus on Friday, November 19, you may feel paranoid, unsettled, and full of panic. Eclipses and full moons are powerful but chaotic, so it’s normal to feel a little frazzled. Don’t plan any stressful activities on this date. Instead, use it to self-soothe. Schedule a therapy appointment, sleep in, and take a bath. The nerves will pass, and you’ll be your confident self again in no time. 

Your optimism returns when fellow fire sign Sagittarius starts its season on Sunday, November 21. Sagittarius is a busy season filled with holidays and celebrations. From office parties to family visits, there will be so much going on that your mind won’t have time to creep into paranoia (which Scorpio season can bring out in you). Communication planet Mercury enters adventurous Sagittarius and your Philosophy on Wednesday, November 24. As you get older, wiser, and even view travel differently due to the pandemic, don’t be surprised if you practice holiday traditions differently this year. If you have a stressful relationship with your blood relatives, you may find yourself celebrating with chosen friends and family closer to home this year. Growing up is about listening to your intuition, nurturing healthy relationships, and stepping back from toxic ones. 

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