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The Supernatural Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


So, why exactly is Dean’s birthday on January 24th? Well, because creator Eric Kripke’s wife shares that birthday and the writer wanted to pay tribute to her. Of course, that makes Dean an Aquarius — which makes sense due to the sign’s individuality. 

More than anyone else in the series, Dean changes the most between his season 1 and season 15 selves. In fact, if you put the two together, they’d almost seem like different people. But more than that? No one wants to change the world and fight against the apocalypse more than Dean Winchester. He doesn’t care whether or not God set up the system of false free will — he’ll fight for it anyway, even if it’s a lost cause. 

Gearing up for the “Supernatural” season finale, Cas tells Dean, “I cared about the whole world because of you.” Whoa. If that’s not a strong statement on Dean’s desire to save and protect not only the people he loves but everyone, what possibly can? From a very young age, Dean has known that when he goes down, he’ll go down swinging. Because as long as there’s someone to save, he’ll be doing the saving, and life isn’t long for a hunter. Between selling his soul for his brother and sacrificing himself for both strangers and loved ones, no one loves harder than Dean Winchester — even if he won’t admit it to himself. Of course, Sam’s long-time girlfriend shares a birthday with Dean (and Kripke’s wife) and, with it, some eerily similar characteristics. 

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