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The Best Crystals for Capricorn, Healing Gemstones by Zodiac Sign


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It’s a fact: Capricorns are the hardest workers in the zodiac. They’re full of ambition and always on the go, ready to do whatever it takes to get ahead. They always have a ten-year plan, and they dream big.

If you were born from roughly December 22 to January 19 (the beginning and end date can vary slightly depending on the year), congrats, you’re a Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, making them highly motivated, determined, and practical self-starters. Shrewd and business-like in most matters, Caps always want to work hard to get ahead—and get their rewards. They enjoy status, power, and luxury living! Capricorns were born to be bosses and live the high life.

Outside the boardroom, these sea-goats are loyal and very protective of their families and homes. They see their ~nest~ as a place to finally relax, be themselves, and just chill. Caps have a wicked sense of humor, and they love to make extremely wry and irreverent observations. If they trust you, they will tell you all the goss and make you laugh along the way. Underneath their seriousness, they’re secretly hilarious.

Sounds great, right? But Capricorns’ weak spot is their (over-)sensitivity. They brood long and hard about any feedback they receive, or any perceived slight or rejection. They don’t enjoy banter, especially if it comes at their expense. Deep down, this sea-goat is a little insecure and highly tuned in to what others think of them.

These crystals will help Capricorns to relax, unwind, and take life as it comes, rather than over-planning for every eventuality. They’ll also help protect their sensitive souls from barbs and negativity. Cap, let these crystals light up your life!

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Garnet Diamond Kiss Ring

Garnet is January’s birthstone, making it a double fit for many sea-goats—but December Capricorns can take advantage of it, too. Garnet has always been popular in jewelry, in part because it is believed to help heal  pain and trauma. Wear as a necklace or ring to let its healing energy comfort you over time.


Rough Black Tourmaline

Traditionally used as a shield by magicians, this crystalline black hole will suck in negative vibes and stop negative people from preying on your energy. If you have a tricky person to deal with, slip this little unassuming crystal bodyguard in your pocket and let their negativity bounce off you. It’s a must for every Cap!



Bird’s Eye Malachite Tumbled Stones

Malachite is like a crystal therapist, helping you to work through and release emotional baggage. It’s known as “the Transformation Stone” because it is a deeply healing gem, helping you to move on from painful experiences and restore your self-worth.



Obsidian Palm Stones

This stone is like a guardian angel—one with teeth and claws. In other words, it will ward off ALL the haters. Keep one by your front door to protect your home’s energy field, or keep one close by you after a negative encounter to neutralize any bad vibes.



Sodalite Crystal Point

Known as “the Poet’s Stone,” sodalite brings mental and emotional clarity with it. It’s wonderful stone to ease a worried mind and boost confidence when you’re facing challenging situations.



Amber Tumble Stone

Amber is a stone of forest magic (appropriate for your earth element!), made from the fossilized sap of prehistoric pine trees. Amber brings a bit of mythological lore and magic into your world, and you’re down with that. It’s a talisman of natural magic and grounding.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

Security is your catnip, and tiger’s eye will guide you towards it. This stone helps you keep your balance when life throws you off course. When you’re going through tough transitions, it encourages you to reclaim the sense of stability you crave.



Rough Sunstone

Sunstone holds the energy of the sun within, especially if you charge it in sunlight for 12 hours. Like its name suggests, it can see you through dark, cold days when the skies are grey. Sometimes you can veer towards a ~glass half-empty~ way of thinking and need a jolt of sunshine in your life. 



Gold Mountain Necklace

Iolite helps to clear your mind and activate your intuition, allowing you to explore dream worlds. On the other hand, it also strengthens your resolve, and self-assurance, and responsibility. Win-win!



Brazilian Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst is the crystal of dreams and meditation, often connected with spirituality. It can help you to set realistic goals and stimulate your mind when you need it. This purple wonder stone can help you break bad habits, release negative energy, let go of unhealthy attachments, and strengthen willpower. It’s no surprise it’s sometimes referred to as the “All-Healer.”

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