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Horoscope Today, October 29, 2021: See your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Cancer, Libra, Pisces


Taurus, Virgo and Pisces ascendant sign people will remain cheerful and enjoy a pleasant ethos at home. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities for your sign.  




Aries sign people are likely to address some complex ideas on the professional and pitch them to the seniors. As a result, there will be some confusion and clutter. Your usual work will move at a normal pace. You will enjoy some of the worldly pleasures such as good food and drinks and make merry. However, you must refrain from overindulgence. A family youngster or a junior friend will come to your aid. Do not pay attention to crafty and jealous colleagues.



Taurus sign people will remain upbeat and authoritative while conducting themselves at work. Your performance will leave your higher-ups and other seniors totally impressed. You will draw accolades from several people. There will be a pleasant and cheerful ethos at home. If you applied for admission to a higher education institution, you are likely to get in. Money flows in. You will handle complex situations tactfully even if it involves apologising to somebody.



Gemini sign people will achieve a strong financial position and spend on things without getting anxious about the expenses. There will be a congenial ethos at home and all the family members will cooperate with each other. You must remain cautious about food as a delay in meal times may give acidity and headache. You will make several breakthroughs in the workplace. A senior friend may give important advice.



Cancer sign people clinch a profitable deal in a scheme that may have overseas connections. Your boss may offer you his/her wise counsel which will prove beneficial in several contexts. You will make right choices on the work front so several encouraging things will happen throughout the day. Long pending payments are likely to be recovered. Students will find this to be a favourable day for their studies. Your partner’s initiatives will prove beneficial for a healthy relationship.



Leo sign people will have to loosen their purse strings as too many payments will have to be made. You may have to attend to several demands at the same time, so there will be some chaos. Do not come under the influence of crafty people as they may lure you to waste your time and money on lost causes. Be focused in your approach. You will enjoy some of the forbidden worldly pleasures. A cousin or a distant relative may do a favour on you. Keep a close eye on your cash while you travel to work and return.



Virgo sign people will recover their long-pending arrears and achieve a strong financial position. You will seek advice from your seniors to enhance your efficiency. Your work will move at a great speed and bring contentment. There will be a peaceful and cheerful ethos at home and family members will care for each other. You may take a spiritual route to achieve peace and develop a grip over your life and issues. Control your lethargy and be prompt.



Libra sign people will succeed in making the right choices in the matters of profession and finances. Your performance in an important project will leave your boss impressed and satisfied. Some of you may step out for an evening out with your family members and enjoy yourself fully. Your family members will care for each other. An unexpected professional project and payment may come your way. You will enjoy good quality food and sleep. Ignore minor errors made by people around you.



Scorpio sign people are likely to make gains on the financial front. Your financial acumen enables you to increase your wealth significantly and carry on the progress. You will be benefitted on account of a positive combination of stars. There will be some worrying thoughts and concerns at the back of your mind. Do not ignore even minor indications of physical discomfort. Your routine work will go on without any hindrance. You must compromise on certain things to strike a healthy relationship.



Sagittarius sign people are likely to remain dull as well as physically weak today. In moments of irritability, you may say harsh things to people around you which will increase your problems. You must take care and convey your disagreement thoughtfully and amicably. A younger sibling will come to your aid. Take your spouse into confidence about your long-term goals as well as your struggles and hurt. Your routine work will go on speedily. Save money from all the possible avenues.



Capricorn sign people will have a relaxed day. They will kick start the festive mood and the celebrations. Your work will be on a lighter side and there will be no complications. Good news awaits you on the property front. If you finalize a deal today, it will go a long way in fetching gains. Those in long-term relationships will seek their elders’ blessing to take the next step and if already married will strengthen their love and confidence in each other. Traders will make a leap and consolidate a new venture. An injury is possible.



Aquarius sign people may feel disinterested in their work and long-term goals. You may not have the zest to even attend to minor things at work. However, your mood will change for the better once the afternoon sets in. A colleague may suddenly show interest in helping you in your tasks. You need to be careful on the health front as there are chances of indigestion and acidity. You may help a needy person even if you do not have any extra cash in hand. Do not waste your time.



Pisces sign people will remain sought after on the professional front. Your creativity will open new doors on the work front and also bring laurels and appreciation from the people of all ranks. Traders, as well as retailers, will work to enhance their business output. A renovation or a major purchase at home will keep you busy. You will remain cheerful and energetic. Your spouse will reciprocate your love. 

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