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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Day On October 29, 2021


As we begin the day under the Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon many will feel drawn to spend some time alone to process and feel through the current energy.

Although the Leo Moon generally brings fun social gatherings, today we’re also experiencing a Sun Saturn Square which brings about a need for solitude even if it may eventually lead to a feeling of isolation.

Scorpio Season is most known for its ability to transform, but it also serves the purpose of being able to bring our darkness to light.

Each of us holds our own darkness.

These are the parts of ourselves that are still wounded, that still may be operating from a place of fear or insecurity.

While usually, we are not the originators of the darkness that we hold as it’s usually related to some sort of trauma, it still ends up being ours to process and manage.

To hold space for our darkness to come up means though that we need time alone, away from the rest of the world and even those who might trigger us.

As much as Leo Moon wants us to spend time with those that we care about laughing and enjoying their company, Sun Saturn Square is pushing us to take time away to deeper process what we’ve been feeling recently.

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Currently, with the Sun in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, this is about creating the space to feel freer in our lives to be ourselves which always goes back to dealing with the darkness that is holding us back.

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