Ff12 Zodiac Age Best Job Combinations – Rainbow

3. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Jobs – This is a Samurai-style job, suited to being a DPS (Damage.

the Mateus and Hashmal Espers, then this combination will be at it’s best. Being able to use the Bushi’s Katanas with the damage.

If a person has two jobs, the Quickening can be unlocked on.

If specializing in going for Black Hole, the great element to do is have three characters with complete Mist Charges, and staying close to.

Zodiac Age Side Quests Side Quests – there are a number of minor side quests that become available at various stages in the game. None offer truly unique rewards (unless connected to one of the above categories) but some can be quite useful depending on when you do them. There are few to no hints about what those quests.

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